Warehousing Logistics

C2’s logistics and transport staff is thoroughly trained in the proper documentation, packaging, loading, and transport of a myriad of surplus products from industrial fixtures and machinery to all forms of electronic waste.  All of C2’s logistics staff operate in a safe and professional manner.

When a request for service is received, fleet resources and a sufficient number of transport staff will be scheduled to perform the pickup and transport.

C2 tracks every truck in its fleet using Teletrac Fleet Director, a real time GPS tracking solution. (www.teletrac.com) C2 can follow their trucks in real time and will be able to route trucks as pickup requests come in.  In addition, C2 can supply clients with real time info on when trucks will arrive at their locations for pickup.

Upon arrival at the site, C2 staff will perform the inspection and confirm and complete the inventory and documentation of the materials for transport.  They will then pack or otherwise secure the materials and load them onto the truck for return to C2’s warehouse for processing.

Once items are received they will enter C2′ proprietary asset recovery and electronics recycling process that maximizes value while ensuring environmental responsibility and data security.