Data Destruction

C2 can destroy client data at your site or at our secure facility. COD and video provided at end of each job.

One of C2’s most exciting services is our proprietary, highly-secured C-SHRED data destruction.  C-SHRED combines integrity, affordability, simplicity, and security in a convenient system that makes destroying your sensitive data both hassle and worry-free.

With C-SHRED, transportation risks are put to bed with our direct-service trucks and teams that handle on-site destruction.  Additionally, there is zero risk of compromised site security, as once we’re backed onto your loading docks, our equipment never enters your facility.

Our trucks are monitored via 360-degree video surveillance from inception to completion.  The truck cab, exterior, workstation, and destruction equipment are all monitored from multiple angles and displayed on a client-visible screen throughout the operation.

All drive destruction and sanitization services adhere to NIST 800-88 standards.  During destruction, all drive serial numbers are logged both on the video monitor and in a stored job catalog.  Following completion, clients received a cataloged certificate of destruction, as well as a DVD providing all surveillance footage.