Asset Recovery

C2 believes re-use is the highest form of recycling. We test, repair, resell and offer revenue sharing.

C2’s repurposing commencement began in 1998, and over the years, buying and selling assets has proved to be our specialty.  We’ve procured and sold everything from hard drives to helicopters, and our unique ability to test, repair, track, and resell a large variety of contrasting types, sizes, and weights of assets at any one time is our mainstay.

Agencies and corporations become easily overrun with surplus, excess, obsolete assets, and value surrounding these worn-down articles lies in recouping valuable warehouse, production, and office space.  As business owners are well aware, every square foot is associated with a cost.  Recovering space occupied by outdated equipment expands your workspace and overall capabilities.

Alternatively, agencies and corporations find value in either continued usability of unused assets or finding ways to retain the value of materials from which these assets are constructed.

Our streamlined, proven capabilities in reuse and repurposing allow us to solve all these issues safely, efficiently, and responsibly.  We can easily, quickly, and with precise accountability free up warehouse space, test and resell reusable equipment, and de-manufacture assets for repurposing and recycling.

Clients with excess inventory, often under an assumption that they have little of value, can often harvest large returns.  This is true even when workspace recovery is the client’s primary goal.


For projects requiring us to transfer assets in-house, we deploy our trucks.  C2 retains a robust fleet of box trucks, often ready to fan out in a moment’s notice.  Each truck is manned by a crew of two to four handlers, and once on site, our trusted crew members quickly perform preliminary cargo sorting.  Once items are properly secured, the team loads inventory onto our trucks, bringing it safely back to our main warehouse in Berryville, VA for processing.


Upon arrival at the warehouse, cargo is immediately unloaded and triaged.  Incoming assets are separated into three segments—high priority and sensitive assets needing prompt handling, assets to be processed with standard priority, and low-priority assets to be broken down for components or recycled.  Assets that are to be resold are sterilized, cleaned, and placed back onto pallets or carts to be inventoried and eventually sold.